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  • Blenheim advocatenkantoor amsterdam
  • Blenheim lawfirm holland
  • Blenheim advocaten in amsterdam
  • Blenheim anwaltskanzlei amsterdam
  • Blenheim Rechtsanwalt in den Niederlanden
  • Blenheim debt collection netherlands

Law firm in The Netherlands

Blenheim is a Netherlands law firm in Amsterdam, Holland, specialized
in Dutch corporate law, business law in The Netherlands and matters
of international trade under Dutch law. Blenheim’s Dutch attorneys
provide a wide range of legal services in Holland regarding real estate,
employment law, corporate law, and business law in The Netherlands.

Blenheim’s Dutch and international law practice

The focus of our Netherlands and international law practice
is on the following legal areas

The quality of Blenheim as Dutch corporate and business law firm rests mainly upon the quality of the attorneys, their accessibility and efficiency. Blenheim’s attorneys share outstanding Dutch and international academic backgrounds, as well as a sincere commitment to legal excellence.


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