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Internship at a law firm in The Netherlands

Over the past years the Dutch law firm Blenheim has developed its "Foreign Law Student Internship Program".
The aim of Bleinheim’s "Foreign Law Student Internship Program" is to give Interns the opportunity:

  • to spend a placement with a business law firm in Amsterdam
  • to learn about international legal practice in The Netherlands; and
  • to get acquainted with the legal profession.

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Other pages with information on the Foreign Law Student Internship Program

For further information, please read these pages:

or contact:

Marjolein Vink - Recruitment 
E-mail: marjoleinvink@blenheim.nl

Postbox 10302
1001 EH Amsterdam
The Netherlands.

LAW - associated firm

Together with a number of international law firms outside
The Netherlands, Blenheim is member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide.

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